[rt-users] Queue Question and users who can view a queue

Shawn Guillemette sguillemette at metrocastcablevision.com
Wed Aug 4 16:11:10 EDT 2004

I'm attempting to create a list of users that are able to view just the
queue that they belong too. I'm starting to run in circles string to
figure this out. 
Users A,B, and C I want to be part of the support queue.
Users E and F are part of a NET-OPS queue.
Id like users a,b and c to be able to view only the support queue. At
the same time Id like to have the NET-OPS users be able to monitor both
the Support and NET-OPS queue.
I have tried many combinations of permissions to accomplish this how
ever I have not had any luck.. I can only get users to view the tickets
that they open. I want them to see all tickets sent to the queue for the
department that they belong too.
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