[rt-users] Performance issues with RT3 (all versions)

Stevo checkpoint at ozbergs.com
Thu Aug 5 12:13:37 EDT 2004

Okay so how do you do that?  I'm using mySQL running on a box with 1 gig
ram...  is there a post somewhere that details the best my.cnf setup to use
for RT?

I do experience the same slowness that others have noted (between 15 and 30+
seconds to load a ticket depending on size).

Thanks for the help.


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> > | So. How much RAM do you have in these machines?
> >
> > Sufficient level that vmstat monitoring confirms that swapping is not
> > the issue here Jesse. Production box is not paging out at all.
> I never said anything about swapping.  But it _is_ important to make
> sure you've told your database how much ram you have and how to best
> make use of it.
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