[rt-users] RT features and RT database

Tomas A. P. Olaj tomas.olaj at usit.uio.no
Tue Aug 10 08:30:00 EDT 2004

If I want to update users in the RT database (in our case a
PostgreSQL database) using a script (e.g. Python with Postgres
functions) internally in the database, can I do it without affecting other
parts of the RT system?

E.g. using LDAP authentication (if the user doesn't exist, the RT
creates a new account with the correct username)  and incomming requests
from valid users through e-mail (also creates a default user in RT if the
user doesn't exist - but with the e-mail address as the username instead
of the given university unix account username).

Using a script to update and correct userinfo in the internal RT database
is necessary.

Has anyone created scripts that gives out autorisation in the RT?

Can a user have multiple e-mail addresses? E.g. an existing user can send
requests from different e-mail accounts. It could be necessary to collect
and "bind" e-mail addresses to the same user, to prevent double accounts
to appear.

Good referenses to deal with spam in RT (that would say after externally
filtered out spam in the e-mail system). A spam e-mail will trigger an
automatic answer to the sender. That's not preferred.

Closing requests: is there a soft close/hard close support in RT? A user
can re-open a case which has been closed with a simple message like:
"thanks for helping!".

Hope someone has time for answering or pointing out good documentation.


Tomas A. P. Olaj, email: tomas.olaj at usit.uio.no, web: folk.uio.no/tomaso
 University of Oslo / USIT (Center for Information Technology Services)
   System- and Application Management / Applications Management Group

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