[rt-users] Performance Issues

Leon rt at tux.datalink.co.za
Tue Aug 10 09:27:33 EDT 2004

After the thread regarding the performance issues. I have started 
looking at FastCGI and HTML Mason's caching. Since I don't seem to have 
a problem with the DB ( MySQL ) being slow.
I did get 3 entries in the Slow log that took 5 seconds  but this isn't 
an issue to me. I did notice that there is 1.5 million entries on the 
table where the query was generated.

In the threads some people suggested that I check the Caching. Now I 
don't know HTML mason at all and I don't really know that much about the 
FastCGI, but I tried looking for more info. All I found was something 
call m->{cache} ( or something like that) which didn't mean much to me.

I just want to know if anyone knows where to check the cache size in 
memory and on disk of HTML Mason and the FastCGI.

When using an progressive browser like Phoenix I see the entries appear, 
slowly, one entry at a time, but sometimes it takes for ever for the 
first entry to appear and any entry after that as well.

I am really running out of options what to check and my boss is jumping 
on my head wanting to know why it is slow.

I hope someone can help with this. I know there are lots of other people 
out there that are experiencing similar problems and I would like use to 
try and resolve this as quick as we can.


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