[rt-users] Ticket Ownership

Matt Hanley MHanley at cxtec.com
Tue Aug 10 14:06:56 EDT 2004

> I don't know whether this is feasible or not, but I was 
> wondering if there was a way to set the ticket ownership to 
> default the name of the user who is currently logged in 
> instead of nobody? So far whenever I create a ticket I ALWAYS 
> have to change the owner to my name. 

Using 3.0.10:

# diff /opt/rt3/local/html/Ticket/Create.html

< <& /Elements/SelectOwner, Name => "Owner", QueueObj => $QueueObj, Default
=> $ARGS{Owner} || $session{CurrentUser}->Id || undef &>

> <& /Elements/SelectOwner, Name => "Owner", QueueObj => $QueueObj, Default
=> $ARGS{Owner}||undef &>


Matthew Hanley
mhanley at cxtec.com

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