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> How did you do your backup? If you used the mysql HotCopy, you're in
> luck.  Both because the restore is easy, and I happened to do it last
> week.  With hotcopy, it makes exact copies of the databases, so all you
> have to do is take mysql down, copy the "rt3" directory from your
> hotcopy (or whatever your database name was) to wherever your mysql data
> directory is (like /var/lib/mysql/rt3), and bring mysql back up...
> -Kelly
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> Subject: [rt-users] UGLY EMERGENCY
> We have been happily running an instance of RT2 (and rt1 before that)
> here 
> at Global Crossing for several years and, this morning, we had a 
> catastrophic event happen.. every admin's worst nightmare.  After having
> one of two mirrored drives fail, I got right on my new machine to
> upgrade 
> to rt3 instead of replacing the drive (we're a poor company nowadays).  
> Well, this am, after a power hit which took out our ac, the temperatures
> rose in our data center (110 degrees +) and my last drive failed.  Now,
> I 
> have nothing but a backup of the rt2 database from /usr/local/mysql. 
> Has anyone had any experience with this?  I need to get my old data from
> there (and /opt, which was backed up, too), but I'm not sure if anyone
> has 
> a nice script that can just magically import my old stuff from that into
> mysql again, but in rt3 format.
> Anyone?
> Aubrey King
> Global Crossing, Ltd.
> IP Systems Engineering
> Systems Administrator
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This is an awesome tip from Kelly. We were using Mysqldump every 6 hours
for backups, which is not exactly the quickest way to do it but it
worked. Tried mysqlhotcopy today and it was sub second ( ok we only have
5000 tickets so far) to complete the backup.

I'm a convert - thanks Kelly

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