[rt-users] Off-Topic: mysqlhotcopy and innodb databases

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Thu Aug 12 04:07:03 EDT 2004

Am 11.08.2004 um 17:15 schrieb Richard Ellis:

> This is an awesome tip from Kelly. We were using Mysqldump every 6 
> hours
> for backups, which is not exactly the quickest way to do it but it
> worked. Tried mysqlhotcopy today and it was sub second ( ok we only 
> have
> 5000 tickets so far) to complete the backup.
> I'm a convert - thanks Kelly

But does mysqlhotcopy work with innodb style databases? the mysql web 
site gives the impression one needs innodbhotcopy, which ist 390$ per 


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