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CAGaikwad at dstsystems.com CAGaikwad at dstsystems.com
Wed Aug 11 16:54:51 EDT 2004


# By default, RT sets the outgoing mail's "From:" header to
# "SenderName via RT".  Setting this option to 0 disables it.

Set($UseFriendlyFromLine , 1);


# $rtname the string that RT will look for in mail messages to
# figure out what ticket a new piece of mail belongs to

# Your domain name is recommended, so as not to pollute the namespace.
# once you start using a given tag, you should probably never change it.
# (otherwise, mail for existing tickets won't get put in the right place

Set($rtname , "domainname.com");

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I wanted to know what to do to change:
1. The “From” header to show just the email address (e.g.
support at domainname.com) instead of showing  “The default queue via RT
[support at domainname.com]”
2. The ticket info, right now on the Subject and inside the body the ticket
is showing to :” [domainname.com #1] and I want it to be [ Ticket #1]

Where should I go to configure that? I looked at the config file, but I’m
not quite sure whether I know how to set it.


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