[rt-users] People Section of Ticket does not display ccs and Admin ccs assigned from Queue

Bob.Conron at ap.ftid.com Bob.Conron at ap.ftid.com
Wed Aug 18 03:24:47 EDT 2004

This is not a bug as several versions of rt display the same feature.

We are currently working on upgrading to rt 3.2.0 and are enjoying the new
ticket display changes.We were somewhat disappointed to find that the
people section of the ticket display does not show the cc s and admin ccs
that are assigned to a ticket by the queue definition as opposed to the ccs
and admin ccs assigned to the ticket at creation time.

My users are requesting that they can see who are  the predefined ccs and
admin ccs of each ticket in a queue both in the display of a ticket and at
creation time. Ideally we would like to create a multiple capable select
box of usernames or email addresses in the cc and admin cc  fields at
ticket creation time with those defined by the queue assignment either
preselected or output  as text so that users who are unfamiliar with the cc
and admin ccs assigned to queues can see the tickets.

Has anyone modified rt to achieve any of these objectives?



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