[rt-users] Corrupted binary attachments with RT 3.0.9

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Aug 18 10:48:14 EDT 2004

On Aug 18, 2004, at 3:30 PM, Scott Mitchell wrote:

> Hello RT users,
> This seems to have come up on the mailing lists before, but I haven't
> seen any official determination of the cause, or any resolution, yet.
> We're experiencing corruption of 'binary' attachments to RT tickets 
> (PCX
> and GIF images, mostly), either through email or directly through the
> web interface.  It looks as though all bytes in the attachment data 
> with
> the high bit set are being converted to 2 different bytes, probably the
> UTF-8 representation of the old byte.
> This is with RT 3.0.9, Perl 5.8.2, MySQL 4.0.18 and Apache 1.3.29 on a

There's a bug in the join() function in perl that was fixed in 5.8.3 
that was the cause of this issue.


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