[rt-users] Corrupted binary attachments with RT 3.0.9

Scott Mitchell rsm at apama.com
Wed Aug 18 10:30:31 EDT 2004

Hello RT users,

This seems to have come up on the mailing lists before, but I haven't
seen any official determination of the cause, or any resolution, yet.

We're experiencing corruption of 'binary' attachments to RT tickets (PCX
and GIF images, mostly), either through email or directly through the
web interface.  It looks as though all bytes in the attachment data with
the high bit set are being converted to 2 different bytes, probably the
UTF-8 representation of the old byte.

This is with RT 3.0.9, Perl 5.8.2, MySQL 4.0.18 and Apache 1.3.29 on a
FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE-p20 system.  We're happy to upgrade if it will fix
the problem, or I can set up a separate installation to test possible
fixes.  Can also supply examples of original and corrupted files on


	Scott Mitchell

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