[rt-users] questions about format of search results

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Wed Aug 18 12:39:06 EDT 2004

I'm using RT 3.2.0.  I'd like to tweak the format, particularly
the default format, of search results.

1. RT_SiteConfig.pm contains a variable, $DefaultSearchResultFormat.
   This is apparantly a comma-separated list of columns to display.
   Is there any way to specify Order and OrderBy as well?

   It looks like one can specify qualifiers ( like /TITLE:stuff )
   but I don't see anything in html/Elements/TicketList
   that indicates that Order and OrderBy can be specified
   in the $DefaultSearchResultFormat itself.  Or am I
   missing this completely?

2. I'd like a way to indicate urgency on the result of
   a search, (or any list of tickets that contains an appropriate
   column.)  Using priority would be fine, but I want a
   clean visual cue.  E.g. if priority == 100, then
   put out <font color="red" size=+1>Urgent</font>
   instead of the priority number itself.  Or something
   configurable :-)

   I'm guessing I might be able to fiddle with this:

       Priority => {
	   attribute => 'Priority',
	   value => sub { return $_[0]->Priority }

    which is part of the hashref $COLUMN_MAP in 
    html/Elements/TicketList, but that wouldn't
    be really configurable.  Maybe a callback?



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