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Now seems like as good a time as any to discuss how we keep spam from hitting our RTs and filling tickets...

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JUICE pays commission to YOU every week.

           Transform your dialup to faster than broadband and ADSL speeds 
           Any PC or Mac with 9,600kbps modem upwards can use JUICE 
           Revolutionary unique technology. Easy to install and simple to use 
           Works with any internet connection and modem in any country 
           No cabling, engineers and no need to alter you PC
           No contract or fees ever.. Guaranteed! 
           The ONLY alternative to broadband and it's for FREE! 
           It costs nothing. Zero! Zip! Nada! It's FREE! 
           What are you waiting for? Juice up your connection right now! 
           This site is operated by affiliate apb9kfa  


What's the deal?
There are over 300 million people on the Internet and probably 99% of them would use JUICE if they knew it existed. Just as an example, in the UK, there are: 
  a.. 12 million Internet homes. 
  b.. 79% of UK homes are using dialup. 
  c.. 18% of UK homes are using broadband. 
  d.. How many of the dialup homes do you think are unhappy with their connection speed?. 
  e.. Over 10 million households have a need for JUICE in the UK alone. 
  f.. Now calculate the business from all the other countries of the world and add up your possible commission. 
JUICE gives surfers what they want. It is a perfect product that solves supply and demand. You have something that surfers would use - they just have to find out it's available. Your job is to go and promote the service any way you know how and send people to this site to EARN a commission when they connect to our service. In fact you will be your own first customer and each of your referrals will join too. YOU can earn a lot of money very easily. 

We will pay YOU £27.00 GBP for every surfer that connects to the JUICE service plus a further £1.78 GBP for each surfer your referrals sign up. 

How do I get paid?
When you sign up to become an affiliate with JUICE you complete an application form. The form contains instructions on how to set up how we pay you. The options are :

1. Bank transfer to any bank account world wide
2. Cheque/check mailed to any country world wide
3. PayPal

Payments can be made in any of the following currencies:

  a.. AUD-Australian Dollar 
  b.. CAD-Canadian Dollar 
  c.. CHF-Swiss Franc 
  d.. DKK-Danish Krone 
  e.. EUR-Euro 
  f.. GBP-Sterling 
  g.. HKD-Hong Kong Dollar 
  h.. JPY-Japanese Yen 
  i.. NOK-Norwegian Krone 
  j.. NZD-New Zealand Dollar 
  k.. PHP-Philippine Peso 
  l.. SAR-Saudi Riyal 
  m.. SEK-Swedish Krona 
  n.. SGD-Singapore Dollar 
  o.. USD-US Dollar 
  p.. ZAR-South African Rand 

The floor limit for paying out your commission is equal to one override payment before JUICE pays out, therefore we guarantee that you get paid immediately. JUICE pays commission to YOU every week.

FREE FASTER than broadband connection....
PLUS no more Internet bills or call charges, ever again.
Upgrade your existing slower connection and benefit from its
increased speed for FREE.

FASTER than broadband is 4 times quicker than your existing broadband
connection and 40 times faster than dial-up, however the best thing
is it's totally FREE and available via any telephone line worldwide.

It is revolutionising the way millions of people are connecting to
the Internet. It is unique and takes 1 minute to install and is very
easy to use.

link http://www.juiceboosted.com/index.php?RequestId=2&Id=apb9kfa
Quote password ID: apb9kfa  and then click  "GET JUICE"


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