[rt-users] Database integrity check?

Garret Gengler garretg at uiuc.edu
Mon Aug 23 15:10:19 EDT 2004

Are there any proven techniques for cleaning up an old RT database before

We've been running an old 3.x installation for about two years now (12,000
tickets), and want to set up a new box with the latest version of RT and

But I'm hesitant about migrating our database directly... we've had
intermittent performance problems and quite a few crashes over the years,
and I'm sure our data violates the schema relationships in some places.

What would be great would be some sort of export tool, and a smart import
with schema checking.  The dumpfile upgrade from rt2 to rt3 seemed to do
something like that, but I haven't found a similar tool for rt3 to rt3.   Or
a utility to scan the RT database for violations of the data model and
remove any mismatching data.  True referential integrity would be a godsend,
but I know that's still a ways off.

On a related not, I was thinking it might be a good idea to simplify our
database by purging deleted tickets... is the RT::Shredder utility safe to
use?  Or is it missing parts of the data model (like the purgedead.pl script


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