[rt-users] Database integrity check?

Ruslan U. Zakirov cubic at acronis.ru
Tue Aug 24 02:56:38 EDT 2004

Garret Gengler wrote:
> Are there any proven techniques for cleaning up an old RT database before
> migration/upgrade?
> We've been running an old 3.x installation for about two years now (12,000
> tickets), and want to set up a new box with the latest version of RT and
> mysql4/INNODB.
> But I'm hesitant about migrating our database directly... we've had
> intermittent performance problems and quite a few crashes over the years,
> and I'm sure our data violates the schema relationships in some places.
> What would be great would be some sort of export tool, and a smart import
> with schema checking.  The dumpfile upgrade from rt2 to rt3 seemed to do
> something like that, but I haven't found a similar tool for rt3 to rt3.   Or
RT has own algorithms for updates.
> a utility to scan the RT database for violations of the data model and
Exactly this functionality I'm integrating into next release of the 
> remove any mismatching data.  True referential integrity would be a godsend,
> but I know that's still a ways off.
> On a related not, I was thinking it might be a good idea to simplify our
> database by purging deleted tickets... is the RT::Shredder utility safe to
> use?  Or is it missing parts of the data model (like the purgedead.pl script
> is).
purgedead script is known to be "broken". It doesn't break RT, but leave 
   crap in DB.

As I think/hope(choose whatever you want :)) that RTx::Shredder do this 
task better.

> Thanks,
> -Garret
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