[rt-users] Trouble creating new Templates

Scott Mitchell rsm at apama.com
Wed Aug 25 04:13:39 EDT 2004

[Sending this again since the first one was too big for the list -
apologies if anyone gets it twice]

Hi all,

When I (or one of my users) selects Configuration -> Queues ->
[SomeQueue] -> Templates -> New Template we get the attached error log,
and no new template.

The complaint about 'no connection to syslog' is worrying, since this RT
installation is quite happily logging to syslog under other
circumstances, but it looks like the real error might be this:

"Trying to check RT::Queue rights for an unspecified RT::Queue at
/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/Principal_Overlay.pm line 354"

The users in question all have admin rights on the queue - any other
queue admin activities seem to work just fine.

Unfortunately I'm not a Perl hacker nor too familiar with the internals
of RT or I'd dig into this further myself.  Happy to try any
patches/workarounds that anyone can come up with though.  Note that I've
trimmed the error log to fit within the size limits for this list - let
me know if you want to see the whole thing.

This is on RT 3.0.11 / Perl 5.8.5 / MySQL 4.0.20 / Apache 1.3.31 /
FreeBSD 4.8p20.



Dr. Scott Mitchell, Apama (UK) Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom
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