[rt-users] Re: two RT3's on the same Debian box

Bruce Timberlake rt at brtnet.org
Thu Aug 26 03:09:23 EDT 2004

> I want to run two separate instances of request-tracker3 on a Debian box. I
> know it's relatively easy to run simultaneous instances of RT2 and RT3--but
> two RT3s seems another matter entirely. 
> Is this on a FAQ anywhere? Or can someone suggest the best way to approach
> this problem? 

Wouldn't you just set up two virtual sites in Apache, one for each instance of 
RT3 (rt1.example.org and rt2.example.org), and then make sure each RT 
instance is configured to use a unique database (tickets1 and tickets2 or 

I haven't done a multiple install one one server myself, but from the very 
little bit of digging I've done into the config files in the last few weeks, 
I don't think it should be a problem to do something like that.

My $0.02... I'm sure someone with actual experience can offer more input.

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