[rt-users] Trouble: Mail addresses modified by RT

nvarney at edt.fr nvarney at edt.fr
Mon Aug 30 07:44:12 EDT 2004

>> RT 3.2.1 installed on a RedHat 9 with perl 5.8.5
>> Our machine have a realname.ourdomain.com and an alias rt.ourdomain.com
>> Mail queues email addresses are queue at rt.ourdomain.com and
>> queue-comment at ourdomain.com
>> When a user send a mail to an rt queue, the ticket opens but the mail
>> address of the destination...
>> ie:
>> user at adomain.com send a mail to queue at rt.ourdomain.com
>> tickets open correctly, but a cc appears (queue at realname.ourdomain.com)
>> and the reply mail sended to users appears like that:
>>      From: "Queue Description" <queue at realname.ourdomain.com>
>>      Reply-To:<queue at realname.ourdomain.com>
>> Don't understand why the realname of the machine replace the alias.
>> Does anyone have a clue?
>You're leaving out some important information.  Is rt.ourdomain.com a
>CNAME for realname.ourdomain.com?  Then sendmail must replace rt with
>realname.  If not, check sendmail.mc's MASQUERADE_AS setting, and try
>inserting some mails by hand into sendmail to see how they end up etc.

Yes, rt.ourdomain.com is a CNAME of realname.ourdomain.com.
I just test to wrote an e-mail trought sendmail manually. And that's it.
I was searching on the wrong place.

I will check sendmail docs.


Nicolas Varney

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