[rt-users] Setting up Postfix/mailgate on Gentoo

Roland, Ryan M rmroland at indiana.edu
Tue Aug 31 16:09:53 EDT 2004

I am using RT 3.2.0 on Gentoo Linux.  I have been trying to setup
Postfix (MTA) to accept email which creates tickets in RT.

In /etc/mail/aliases, when I have 

it_test:  it_test

where it_test is a local system user (not an RT user though), it accepts
mail sent to it_test at ...

However, when I then put the mailgate info in:

it_test: "|/[...]/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ITTest -action correspond
--url http://[hostname omitted]/"

Where ITTest is an existing queue, I get an Undeliverable with this

< [hostname omitted] #5.0.0 X-Postfix; Command died with status 1: "
/[...]/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ITTest --action correspond --url
http://[hostname omitted]/">

According to the rt-mailgate perldoc, 

"However, you will need first of all to create an RT user for the mail
gateway and assign it a password; this helps to ensure that mail coming
into the web server did originate from the gateway."

Since it doesn't say whether I need to use a particular username or set
any special permissions, (or where I would tell the mailgate which
username to use) I have created a user 'rt-mailgate' and a user
'it_test' (same name as the user receiving the mail).  Neither of these
worked.  So what am I missing?  Is there a particular format required of
those emails that I haven't found in the documentation?  Is there
special permissions that one of the users need to some area of the RT
arch or special configuration on the ITTest queue itself?


Ryan Roland

Application Developer
Information Technology
Division of Recreational Sports
Indiana University
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