[rt-users] Statistics "by month" (even year?)

Bastian Friedrich bastian at bastian-friedrich.de
Tue Dec 7 05:30:58 EST 2004


our RT handles Tickets for approximately 40 users and 6-8 maintainers; 
thus, traffic is quite low. Daily statistics are more or less useless, 
as single requests lead to large peaks in the graphs... It would be 
great to have "resolved tickets per month/year" and the like in our 

In the RT Stats Wishlist, "Parametric time periods" are mentioned as an 
"enhancement under investigation".
1) Is this what I understand: the option of configuring stats to be 
weekly/monthly/yearly rather than daily?
2) Does "under investigation" mean that a patch exists which is 
investigated to be included in (one of) the next release(s)? If so: Is 
there a chance to receive the patch in advance?

Thx & regards

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