[rt-users] Custom field

Andrew Kornilov andy at eva.dp.ua
Fri Dec 10 07:02:15 EST 2004

I've add new Custom field (Select multiple values), link it with Queue 
and try to add new ticket.
When i select one of customfield values and try to save ticket i get error:

Can't locate object method "Id" via package "No object mapping for 
field" (perhaps you forgot to load "No object mapping for field"?) at 
/usr/lib/rt/RT/Record.pm line 1464.

1460:        my $method = "${class}Obj";
1461:      $self = $self->$method;
1462:      }
1464:      return $self->Id;
1465:      }
1467:      sub _LookupTypes { ref($_[0]) }

Where is my mistake?

P.S. RT 3.3.14.

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