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Dean Brissinger Dean.Brissinger at vexcel.com
Tue Feb 10 18:37:54 EST 2004

Check the 'my_destinations' parameter for $mydomain.  Make sure this is
_NOT_ in the list (it is by default).  Reading the tread I suspect you
have created a mail loop where postfix gets mail and resends to itself. 
This doesn't work obviously so it bounces the message.

I suggest you draw a mail flow-chart so you can visualize how the mail
should flow.  Should your rt server take mails directly? 
(rt at host.example.com) or shall all mail be relayed through an existing
host (rt at example.com via MX server).  That's up to you...  But here's
the magic Postfix formula for the later case.  Make sure you enable smtp
in master.conf and also don't have any firewalls running.

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# For a mail server that does NOT answer mail for other machines or
relay mail for
# other machines $mydomain must NOT be listed.  This will create a mail
mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain

# This is the default I beleave...  But just in case:
relay_domains = $mydestination

# If your site has a proper DNS setup you'll have an MX entry for your
local domain.
# In this case, setting this to $mydomain will cause postfix to find
your mail server(s)
# automatically.  This is ideal, but change this to the hostname of your
mail server if
# it does not work.
relayhost = $mydomain

# You need to tell postfix where the aliases are.  This file should have
your aliases for
# rt that pipe in to the mail program.  Use "dbm:/etc/aliases" on Linux.
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases

# Always fall back to localhost.  If you set this to a domain name and
want to recieve
# local mail things will get very nasty very fast.
mydomain_fallback = localhost

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Another thing for you to check if this doesn't clear up your problem... 
You may get a bounce message if RT cannot create a new case due to
access rights.  If this is true, you'll see a message show up in your
Apache error_log.

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 13:15, Josiah Ritchie wrote:

> I've played around a lot and think I've managed to apply everything you
> mentioned here. It looks like I'm getting further. I'm not getting the message
> bounced with the message: "550 Relay denied" from the exchange server. I'm not
> sure if it is getting this from postfix or if It's simply saying Exchange won't
> do it. I'm assuming Exchange is the problem. I think I told it to relay for my
> hosts, but not sure. Anyway, I'm still looking into that possibility and
> wanted to just mention that I'm getting closer.
> Any tips on things to check in the postfix main.cf that might cause this?
> Guillaume Perréal scripted ::
> >As your main mail server (mail.domain.com) handles mail for the whole 
> >domain domain.com, it may strip any subdomain parts, i.e. 
> >user at server.domain.com becomes user at domain.com. So you have to 
> >explicitely enable mail forwarding to rt-server. You may have to create 
> >the following aliases on your main mail exchanger :
> >
> >rt-address : rt-address at rt-server.domain.com
> >(reads "rt-user@*.domain.com redirects to rt-user at rt-server.domain.com, 
> >without recursion")
> >rt-address-comment : rt-address-comment at rt-server.domain.com
> >
> >Then set up the mailgate aliases normally on rt-server.domain.com, as 
> >indicated in RT documentation.
> >
> >> I also seem to be unable to send
> >>messages off the server.
> >>
> >Try to set up the following parameters in postfix main.cf file :
> >
> ># Only relay mails originating from $mydestination ($myhostname + 
> >localhost by default) :
> >mynetworks_style = host
> >
> ># Relay all outgoing mails to $mydomain mail exchangers as indicated by 
> >DNS MX records,
> >relayhost = $mydomain
> Maybe I need to setup an MX record on my AD server...
> JSR/
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