[rt-users] RT as a virtual host in a working web server not working

Serge Bianda serge.bianda at appiancorp.com
Fri Oct 1 12:32:23 EDT 2004

I have a working web server (webserver.domainname.com) and I installed
RT 3.2.1 on that box  as a virtual host (rt.domainname.com) and followed
all the instructions. 

Here is my RT config.

# Define the directory name to be used for images in rt web
# documents.

# If you're putting the web ui somewhere other than at the root of
# your server
# $WebPath requires a leading / but no trailing /

Set($WebPath , "/opt/rt3/share/html");

# This is the Scheme, server and port for constructing urls to webrt
# $WebBaseURL doesn't need a trailing /

Set($WebBaseURL , "http://rt.domainname.com");

Here is my Apache Config.

        DocumentRoot /opt/rt3/share/html
        ServerName rt.appiancorp.com
        RewriteEngine on
        ServerAdmin admin at domainname.com
        AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
 RedirectMatch permanent (.*)/$ http://rt.domainname.com$1/index.html
         PerlModule Apache2 Apache::compat
        PerlModule Apache::DBI
        PerlRequire /opt/rt3/bin/webmux.pl

 <Location />
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlHandler RT::Mason
        ErrorLog logs/rt.domainname.com/error_log
        CustomLog logs/rt.domainname.com/access_log common

Here is the problem. When I set the RT configuration setting to reflect
this: Set($WebBaseURL , "http://webserver.domainname.com"); and also
change the entry to the apache config to RedirectMatch permanent (.*)/$
http://webserver.domainname.com$1/index.html , RT works fine and it's
functioning as if it were the main web server on that machine, but when
I reverse the all thing and set the RT config to point to
rt.domainname.com and the apache config to reflect the same. RT just
does not load on the browser and there is no error log in
/var/log/messages or to either /var/log/httpd/error_log or even to
/var/log/httpd/rt.domainname.com/error_log. So why isn't RT working when
it's a virtual host with it's own IP and own domain. Not that the
virtual IP is bound to a virtual Ethernet on that server (eth0:1). I can
ping that IP, but just can get RT to work as a virtual host

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