[rt-users] RT as a virtual host in a working web server not working

jeff rak jeff at theorbitor.com
Fri Oct 1 12:54:45 EDT 2004

>Here is the problem. When I set the RT configuration setting to
> reflect this: Set($WebBaseURL , "http://webserver.domainname.com");
> and also change the entry to the apache config to RedirectMatch
> permanent (.*)/$ http://webserver.domainname.com$1/index.html , RT
> works fine and it's functioning as if it were the main web server
> on that machine, but when I reverse the all thing and set the RT
> config to point to
>rt.domainname.com and the apache config to reflect the same. RT just
>does not load on the browser and there is no error log in
>/var/log/messages or to either /var/log/httpd/error_log or even to
>/var/log/httpd/rt.domainname.com/error_log. So why isn't RT working
> when it's a virtual host with it's own IP and own domain. Not that
> the virtual IP is bound to a virtual Ethernet on that server
> (eth0:1). I can ping that IP, but just can get RT to work as a
> virtual host _______________________________________________

Do you have a valid DNS record to point to rt.domainname.com? In other 
words, can you ping rt.domainname.com from another computer on the 


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