[rt-users] RTx::Shredder Questions

Ruslan U. Zakirov Ruslan.Zakirov at acronis.com
Thu Oct 7 02:36:18 EDT 2004

Adolfo Santiago wrote:
> Like so many others here, we have the issue of a growing database with tons
> of deleted tickets we want to get rid of.  RTx::Shredder seems to be the
> tool of choice for this, so we installed it today using CPAN.  Everything
> went fine.  However, we have a question and a problem:
> 1.  If we install RTx::Shredder using CPAN, do we still have to apply the
> patch?  We did so, but it was only applied in part.  Apparently, there was
> an issue patching Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm.  We ended up with a .rej file.  To
> stay away from possible trouble, we've put the original files back in.
Oh. I see you have 3.0.8, I didn't test patch against it much. I'll 
review it.

> 2.  The rtx-shredder script doesn't seem to work.  This is what we get when
> we run it:
> [root at system sbin]# ./rtx-shredder 2004-02-10
> 3 tickets would be wiped out.
> Are you shure? [y/N] y
This shouldn't happen if you didn't apply patch. If you didn't apply 
patch list of tickets should be empty.

> [root at system sbin]# ./rtx-shredder 2004-02-10
> 3 tickets would be wiped out.
> Are you shure? [y/N]
> We run it and it identifies the tickets to be deleted.  We say yes and it
> acts like it deleted the tickets.  However, if we run it again with the same
> date parameter, it still finds (the same?) tickets.  It doesn't seem to be
> deleting anything.
Do you have any reports in RT log? RTx::Shredder uses 'warning' level 
when delete records from DB.

> Any help with this would be appreciated tremendously.  Thanks!
> Chago
> RT v3.0.8

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