[rt-users] how to do custom message processing

Marc E. Fiuczynski mef at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Oct 7 08:44:03 EDT 2004


Is there a way to customize RT to take special actions when processing an
incoming email message. Specifically, I'd like to parse for custom email
header fields when processing incoming messages such that RT can
automatically file the message with an existing ticket. Of course, I
understand that RT already does this assuming the sender provides an RT
ticket number. Unfortunately, in our case this is not possible, as the
messages are sent by a daemon that only sends out mail to our RT system. In
other words, we want this daemon to remain stateless and therefore cannot
have it process RT responses to retain assigned RT ticket numbers.

Specific question: what must I customize in RT to process a message sent by
our daemon that contains a special email header field such as:

X-MOM-CleanupAfterMessyChild: <childname>

Upon receiving such a message, I'd like a custom RT action or whatever to
look up whether a ticket has been previously created for the named "messy
child." If not, go through the standard ticket creation process.  If so, add
the message to the existing ticket.

There are additional customizations that I'd like to do, but just
understanding what I need to do for the above would be a great start.

After searching the documentation and a bit of the mail archive, I get the
sense this might be something that I can do with scrips and/or layers.


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