[rt-users] how to do custom message processing

Ruslan U. Zakirov Ruslan.Zakirov at acronis.com
Thu Oct 7 08:50:14 EDT 2004

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	1) Scrips
	2) On Create
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	4) merge

Marc E. Fiuczynski wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a way to customize RT to take special actions when processing an
> incoming email message. Specifically, I'd like to parse for custom email
> header fields when processing incoming messages such that RT can
> automatically file the message with an existing ticket. Of course, I
> understand that RT already does this assuming the sender provides an RT
> ticket number. Unfortunately, in our case this is not possible, as the
> messages are sent by a daemon that only sends out mail to our RT system. In
> other words, we want this daemon to remain stateless and therefore cannot
> have it process RT responses to retain assigned RT ticket numbers.
> Specific question: what must I customize in RT to process a message sent by
> our daemon that contains a special email header field such as:
> X-MOM-CleanupAfterMessyChild: <childname>
> Upon receiving such a message, I'd like a custom RT action or whatever to
> look up whether a ticket has been previously created for the named "messy
> child." If not, go through the standard ticket creation process.  If so, add
> the message to the existing ticket.
> There are additional customizations that I'd like to do, but just
> understanding what I need to do for the above would be a great start.
> After searching the documentation and a bit of the mail archive, I get the
> sense this might be something that I can do with scrips and/or layers.
> Thanks,
> Marc
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