[rt-users] Asset Tracking Systems with RT

Serge Bianda serge.bianda at appiancorp.com
Thu Oct 7 09:40:35 EDT 2004


Does anyone know whether there is a RT module or plug-in that has the
ability to provide tracking equipment. Something similar to asset
management system. For instance, I have users in my company who have
laptops and some have desktops, I want to use a system that will allow
me to keep track of all those equipments, like the computer spec (serial
number, OS, and so forth) and the person who is currently using it, and
also when they request a loaner, I want to be able to enter that data in
the system and set the system status as being "loaned", and again with
the person who loaned it. Right now we are using a very inefficient
spreadsheet that does the tracking, if there is no such thing in RT, can
some in the list tell me of a good Open Source asset tracking system
that has like a database backend and a web-based interface that will do
the job for me, or if some of you have some that you would suggest that
I use, I will appreciate that very much.




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