[rt-users] RTx::Shredder Questions

Adolfo Santiago mailbag at anothernet.com
Thu Oct 7 11:26:40 EDT 2004

Thanks for the reply!

> Do you have any reports in RT log? RTx::Shredder uses 'warning' level
> when delete records from DB.

I don't get anything in the logs.  Here are my logging settings:

Set($LogToSyslog    , 'warning');
Set($LogToScreen    , 'error');
Set($LogToFile      , 'warning');
Set($LogDir, '/var/log');
Set($LogToFileNamed , "rt.log");    #log to rt.log

The log file is zero-length.  No errors are reported anywhere else.

> Ok. You can ignore that .rej 3.0.7-3.0.8 have no code in
> Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm that restrict search on deleted tickets, but have
> code in other files that doesn't allow me to step through collection of
> the tickets.

So... does this mean I'm out of luck?  The patch is not necessary (it
doesn't do anything anyway), but the script won't work regardless?

What can I do?


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