[rt-users] going back to queue page?

Matthew Cheale say_ten at multiplay.co.uk
Fri Oct 8 06:26:00 EDT 2004

Mine's based on the 3.2.1, I haven't got round to upgrading at this point.  But 
that does look like the line I added indeed.

hubert lubaczewski wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 09:56:55PM +0100, Matthew Cheale wrote:
>>Yes it doesn't read the Session stored query in the distributed version of 
>>"Search/Results.html".  I can't remember what I did exactly so I've 
>>attached the copy I use.  Plonk it in "local/html/Search/" so as not to 
>>overwrite the distributed copy and it'll sort that issue.
>>I think there's something fundamentally wrong with the session handling 
>>however and I'm sure fixes will make their way into the release.
> i kind'of inserted you'r correction in my rt (kind of, because the
> differences were huge (did you made your Results.html based on 3.2.2?),
> but i foudn that the important thing was probably:
> $Query = $session{'tickets'}->Query();
> so, i inserted it into my copy of Results.html from 3.2.2, and it didn't
> work.
> yet, i found something rather interesting.
> i made a search using query builder.
> then i clicked on "home", then choosed some queue, and entered a ticket.
> then i clicked on "show results" - to tst if it will bring back the
> queue page, but it didn't. instead it redirected to me to page with
> results of earlier search from query builder!
> it looks like rt is treating "queue pages" not as searchs - despite the
> fact that they are searches in fact!
> something is really wicked here.
> depesz
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