[rt-users] going back to queue page?

hubert lubaczewski hubert.lubaczewski at eo.pl
Fri Oct 8 04:59:55 EDT 2004

On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 09:56:55PM +0100, Matthew Cheale wrote:
> Yes it doesn't read the Session stored query in the distributed version of 
> "Search/Results.html".  I can't remember what I did exactly so I've 
> attached the copy I use.  Plonk it in "local/html/Search/" so as not to 
> overwrite the distributed copy and it'll sort that issue.
> I think there's something fundamentally wrong with the session handling 
> however and I'm sure fixes will make their way into the release.

i kind'of inserted you'r correction in my rt (kind of, because the
differences were huge (did you made your Results.html based on 3.2.2?),
but i foudn that the important thing was probably:
$Query = $session{'tickets'}->Query();

so, i inserted it into my copy of Results.html from 3.2.2, and it didn't
yet, i found something rather interesting.
i made a search using query builder.
then i clicked on "home", then choosed some queue, and entered a ticket.
then i clicked on "show results" - to tst if it will bring back the
queue page, but it didn't. instead it redirected to me to page with
results of earlier search from query builder!
it looks like rt is treating "queue pages" not as searchs - despite the
fact that they are searches in fact!
something is really wicked here.


hubert lubaczewski
Network Operations Center
Eo Networks Sp. z o.o.
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