[rt-users] Repost! Bug in "OnCreate"!

Sven Sternberger sven.sternberger at desy.de
Fri Oct 8 06:42:17 EDT 2004

Version: RT 3.0.11
OS: Linux (Debian Sarge)
DB: mysql4/innodb
MTA: Postfix


I've already send this but don't get an answer. I don't have
an idea why OnCreate don't work as expected.

I create a ticket with the WebGUI and enter a CC address. Now
I think the Action:

On Create Notify Other Recipients with template Correspondence

should send the content of the ticket to the address which is entered
in CC.

* Has anybody else the problem?
* is it a bug?
* is it caused by our dual cpu machine?
* is there a fix/workaround

hope there is anybody in the community who can help.

best regards!
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