[rt-users] RTx::Shredder Questions

Les Mikesell les at futuresource.com
Fri Oct 8 11:01:45 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 23:46, Ruslan U. Zakirov wrote:

> Working on dumps of deleted data. So you would be able to restore data 
> on real errors.

How about building either a parallel database or differently-named
tables to hold the records at least as a temporary step as they
are removed from the active tables?  I'm not as concerned about
database size as the overhead of extra records in selects.  In fact
if I were designing a system like this I'd probably try to keep
new/open tickets in a separate table to eliminate the chance that
the SQL server would decide to do a full join on tickets and users
to resolve the most frequent queries and perhaps have an aging
mechanism to push old resolved tickets (and matching users) into
tables that are only searched on demand.

  Les Mikesell
   les at futuresource.com

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