[rt-users] How do I resolve a ticket easily?

Goltz, Jim (NIH/NLM/LHC) jgoltz at mail.nih.gov
Thu Oct 14 14:37:56 EDT 2004

Odhiambo Washington <wash at wananchi.com> writes:

> I have this scrip in a queue:

> On Resolve Notify Requestors with template Resolved

> However, when I click "Resolve" the next window that opens shows:

> Update Type: Comments (Not sent to requesters)

> Down below, it also does NOT say to who the message will be sent
> to.

I believe this is actually correct default behavior.  What it means is that
the resolution you enter into the ticket will not be sent to the requestor,
but the "Resolved" template will be.  (The default Resolved template
basically just says, "According to our records, your request has been
resolved. If you have any
further questions or concerns, please respond to this message.")

If you want the resolution message to be sent to the requestor, you can
change "Comments" to "Response to requestors", or modify the Resolved
template.  (There are probably other things you can do, but I'm still fairly
new to RT.)


James P. Goltz (jgoltz at mail.nih.gov)

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