[rt-users] Scrip to assign tickets upon creation

Alfredo Sola alfredo at intelideas.com
Fri Oct 15 03:12:47 EDT 2004

	Hi Carl,

>>     I would like to assign incoming tickets to users belonging to a 
>> given group in a round-robin fashion (future nicer versions will 
>> hopefully feature other distribution criteria). Before I start, has 
>> anyone done this already? I have searched about and didn't find it. 
>> I'll contrib whatever I write if it is not the case.

> We do a slightly simpler but similar thing here.  We have generic users 
> (such as "desktop" and "dba") whose email address is a mailing list of 
> everyone in that group.  When they get a ticket whoever feels like 
> working on the ticket then "steals" it from the generic user.  It lets 
> them regulate their workload themselves.

	How is what you are doing different from sending notifies on ticket 
creation? Looks to me like you can save the mailing list part.

	Anyway, I'm stuck with lack of developer documentation. Specifically, 
I'm now in need of an object/function that returns the members of a 
group, because I'd like to avoid querying the database directly. Any 
pointers much appreciated.

Alfredo Sola

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