[rt-users] Request Tracker & Nagios [email / tickets / deduplication]

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Fri Oct 15 10:21:01 EDT 2004

Am Do, den 14.10.2004 schrieb Scott Walters um 19:43:
> On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Rodney Caston wrote:
> > Has anyone every tried to integrate RT and Nagios?
> Not RT and Nagios but RT and BB.
> Lets assume that Nagios and BB provide the same function, monitoring and
> notifications based on events in ones environment.
> > While it's simple enough to get RT to receive the email, and make a
> > ticket for the alert, any additional emails for this alarm will just
> > create new tickets rather then update the existing one
> >
> > Has anyone been able to solve this issue?  Does any documentation exist?
> Not to mention if your system sends recoveries, RT doesn't know how to
> deal with those.

The problem becomes twofold: it would be (IMO) necessary to teach Nagios
about the RT ticket-number it gets, so it can also close a ticket again.
E.g. if some mailserver becomes unavailable for 15 minutes, Nagios can
create a ticket - but would normaly mail-out a ticket number.
Now, Nagios would have to somehow be able to associate this
ticket-number with the specific mailserver and be able to send a
"close-ticket" event in case the server goes up again (which is most

> I came to the conclusion that *automatically* generating tickets in RT
> from a *proactive* monitoring system is a bad idea (or at least not worth
> the complexity it would involve).  By being proactive you have a certain
> amount of false positives you have to deal with.  Part of being proactive.

Indeed. It's a nice idea, but in reality, one would end-up extending
either Nagios with RT features or vice-versa.
Both only sounds good on the first look.

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