[rt-users] scrip action [slightly OT]

Sven Sternberger sven.sternberger at desy.de
Mon Oct 18 09:50:14 EDT 2004


> OtherRecipients do only one thing. RT Web UI pages where you can 
> reply/comment on ticket contain two special input boxes 'Cc' and 'Bcc' 
> with notes "Sends a [blind] carbon-copy of this update to a 
> comma-delimited list of email addresses. Does not change who will 
> receive future updates". You can fill this fields. Email addresses in 
> this boxes would be 'OtherRecipients'. 

This seems to be okay, see RTWIKI 

> Unless you have some notification 
> scrips that notify 'OtherRecipients' this input boxes are useless.

So and again to say! They are also useless if you create a ticket because:

On Create Notify Other Recipients with template Correspondence

DONT'T WORK which is very annoying, because this is exactly what our
users think would happen when they enter a email address in CC when they
create a new ticket.

BTW: This works in 2.0.15

best regards!

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