[rt-users] Help - RTFM bugs with Rights ?

Hanson, Dave Dave.Hanson at ogs.state.ny.us
Tue Oct 19 12:18:14 EDT 2004

I installed RTFM-2.0.4.tar.gz on top of RT 3.2.2.  Either I am missing
something simple, or there are bugs in RTFM with setting rights in RTFM.  We
love the product, but this situation makes it difficult to use it for a
large population of general users.  We really would love to identify fixes.
1) I started with a user who had no ACL's for RTFM at all.  I found that I
do the following, none of which I think should be possible for a user with
no ACL's:
*	see article title and description from overview
*	select article from overview
*	see article history
*	modify article title and description
*	see custom fields
*	modify custom field descriptions, fields, values, etc. 

2) By adding ACL's individually so that only one ACL was present at any
time, the following ACL's made no changes in rights from what was present
above in #1
*	AdminClass
*	AdminValues
*	CreateArticle
*	ModifyArticle
*	ShowArticle
*	ShowArticleHistory
*	ShowCustomField
Attached is a spreadsheet mapping rights to ACL's: 
Can these problems be rectified so that we can truly restrict which rights
general users have?  THANKS!
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