[rt-users] Re: Comments on resolve

Guy B. Purcell gpurcell at openharbor.com
Tue Oct 19 17:02:05 EDT 2004

On Oct 18, 2004, at 11:50, Rajesh Menon wrote:

> That would mean the resolve will be a two step process. If i
> select from the drop-down menu, the ticket will still be
> open. I was wondering if there is a way to send the
> resolution comments while resolving the call????

If you don't care about having RT send the default/template "this 
ticket has been resolved" email, and you don't want to modify any RT 
functionality, then you can do this as one step:  use the Reply link at 
the top of the ticket page, and then set the status to "resolved" with 
the Status pull-down.  AFAIK, this is equivalent to Vivek's suggestion, 
which is to use the Resolve link, then use the Update Type pull-down to 
say "Response to requestors."

If you _do_ care to have RT send that "this ticket has been resolved" 
message, in addition to having your comments sent, then it's a two-step 
process without modifying RT.


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>> On Oct 18, 2004, at 10:42 AM, Rajesh Menon wrote:
>>> We are running RT 3.0.10. I would like to setup RT so
>>> that when a  ticket is
>>> resolved, the comments are mailed to the requestor and
>>> to the  watchers. I
>>> see an option where a link to the ticket is emailed
>>> during resolve.  But if
>> When you relove the ticket, change the little drop-down
>> menu from  "comment" to "reply".

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