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Ben Robson Brobson at betrusted.com
Thu Oct 21 03:38:29 EDT 2004


Thanks for the reply.....

I have done exactly what you did, and no luck.

My investigations tell me that the "SelectStatus" script in
<path>/lib/RT is selecting what statuses to display to the user based on
the queue that is currently selected [@status=$queue->StatusArray()],
where $queue is a call to RT::Queue($session{'CurrentUser'}), or
something to that effect.

The thing I now can't work out is where RT sets the relationship between
the statuses available and those available to the currently accessed

Any tips/thoughts appreciated.


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> I am attempting to add some additional status values (beyond: 
> new, open, rejected, etc.).
> As indicated by the subject of this email I have located some 
> previous threads on this issue, and have tried modifying the 
> Queue_Overlay and creating a Queue_Local.pm file with altered 
> @STATUS array values.  However having done this the new 
> statuses are not appearing in the drop down lists for tickets.
> Any suggestions appreciated.


This is what I did. A smarter cookie may jump in and correct me !

in "lib/RT/Queue_Overlay.pm" I changed the following lines

@ACTIVE_STATUS = qw(new open stalled active);
@INACTIVE_STATUS = qw(resolved rejected deleted checked invoiced);

I also added/updated the comments just below
# $self->loc('checked'); # For the string extractor to get a string to
# $self->loc('invoiced'); # For the string extractor to get a string to

Then you can access the new status in scripts etc.
I think there is some more info at http://wiki.bestpractical.com



Scott Muller 


Be sure to check out the RT wiki at http://wiki.bestpractical.com

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