[rt-users] RT auto reply and spam

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Fri Oct 22 10:26:54 EDT 2004

You can prevent RT from auto replying by changing the "Precedence" of the
e-mail to "Bulk".  We do this using procmail and formail to avoid replying
to e-mails from addresses we know we don't want to reply to.  Here's an

:0fhw: .msgid.lock
* ^From:.*amazon.com.*
| formail -i "Precedence: Bulk"

You could use some kind of spam detector and change the precedence to bulk
that way.

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> Dear All,
> How do I stop RT from sending an autoreply message to spam?, can I do
> something like "if incoming address doesn't match <regexp> discard it and
> do nothing"
> Many thanks,
> Steve.
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