[rt-users] Changing the subject

Christopher Welsh cpwe at deakin.edu.au
Mon Oct 25 06:03:06 EDT 2004


Thanks. I will leave well enough alone.

Chris Welsh

Adam Clarke wrote:

> Christopher Welsh wrote:
>> I'd rather it to be as follows:
>> [Helpdesk Task #5 blah blah blah
> I presume you mean
> [Helpdesk Task #5] blah blah blah
>> Can anyone suggest what setting I need to change to fix this?
> Firstly you should know that this ticket id identifies the Request 
> Tracker instance and then ticket within that instance so 
> sjc.vic.edu.au is actually a good (and the recommended) choice since 
> it is unlikely to be used by anyone else.
> I suspect that you are thinking that it is supposed to identify the 
> queue, which it does not. For new incoming tickets, the email address 
> can identify the intended queue (e.g. helpdesk-task at sjc.vic.edu.au) 
> however, once a ticket is created, an approporiately privaleged RT 
> user can move the ticket (in this case #5) to another queue and it 
> will stay there until moved again.
> If you want to play with the subject line on a per queue basis, id 
> suggest that you stay away from the [sjc.vic.edu.au #nn] bit and tack 
> some extra bits on elsewhere. This could definitely be done with a 
> code overlay (see 
> http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?CleanlyCustomizeRT) . You 
> could also hand customise all of the templates used for each queue, 
> although that would become tedious.
> If you wanted to change this identifier for the entire RT instance 
> (and I suspected incorrectly) then you need to look at the global RT 
> configuration files. It is set in there.
> Cheers

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