[rt-users] Changing the subject

Adam Clarke Adam.Clarke at StrategicData.com.au
Sun Oct 24 20:16:02 EDT 2004

Christopher Welsh wrote:

> I'd rather it to be as follows:
> [Helpdesk Task #5 blah blah blah

I presume you mean
[Helpdesk Task #5] blah blah blah

> Can anyone suggest what setting I need to change to fix this?

Firstly you should know that this ticket id identifies the Request 
Tracker instance and then ticket within that instance so sjc.vic.edu.au 
is actually a good (and the recommended) choice since it is unlikely to 
be used by anyone else.

I suspect that you are thinking that it is supposed to identify the 
queue, which it does not. For new incoming tickets, the email address 
can identify the intended queue (e.g. helpdesk-task at sjc.vic.edu.au) 
however, once a ticket is created, an approporiately privaleged RT user 
can move the ticket (in this case #5) to another queue and it will stay 
there until moved again.

If you want to play with the subject line on a per queue basis, id 
suggest that you stay away from the [sjc.vic.edu.au #nn] bit and tack 
some extra bits on elsewhere. This could definitely be done with a code 
overlay (see http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?CleanlyCustomizeRT) 
. You could also hand customise all of the templates used for each 
queue, although that would become tedious.

If you wanted to change this identifier for the entire RT instance (and 
I suspected incorrectly) then you need to look at the global RT 
configuration files. It is set in there.

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