[rt-users] Closing tickets via mail (e.g. Cc: done at rt.site.com)

Christian Hammers ch at westend.com
Mon Oct 25 08:54:59 EDT 2004


I'm looking for a way to close a ticket via email. What would be the
best approach? My only idea is currently to create a special alias
which then executes rt-crontool.

Is there something similar to the Debian Bug Tracking System where I can
send a mail to 1234 at bugs.debian.org and bcc control at bugs.debian.org and
write something like 
	severity 1234 critical
	tags 1234 + unreproducible
	Hello Customer, blah...
in the body? Optimally RT would cut away everything between the body
beginn and a first /^RT-END$/



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