[rt-users] Showing Custom Fields in Default Ticket Search on 3.2.2 - SOLVED!!

Les Stott support at cyberpro.com.au
Mon Oct 25 09:47:39 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I am using rt 3.2.2, fedora core 2 and perl 5.8.3, apache with mod_perl
default from fedora.

Since upgrading from 3.011 i have been trying to find a way to display
custom fields in my default ticket search list.
In 3.0.11 it was easily done via the /rt/local/html directory and there is a
patch in the RT wiki for it.

However things in 3.2.2 changed drastically. All changes are now made in

So i thought i would share how i did this and perhaps someone else wont need
to spend as much time on it as i did :-).....

OK so i have a queue called "Help" and a Custom Field in that Queue called
"Accounting". I don't make use of the Priority Field so i wish to replace it
with my Custom Field "Accounting".

i would need to edit RT_Config.pm and find the section starting with....

# $DefaultSearchResultFormat

then i would change......




Save and quit, then restart httpd.

Note that if my "Accounting" field was a global custom field then it would
look like....


hope that helps for anyone wishing to do the same.


Les Stott

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