[rt-users] Aggregating transaction mails

Christian Hammers ch at westend.com
Tue Oct 26 09:53:26 EDT 2004


Is it possible to send a mail to all queue members for every transaction
with all changes included?

My current solution with the global script entry
	- On Transaction
	- Notify AdminCC as comment
	- Global Template: transaction
	- Transaction Create
generates one mail for every bit I change.

I want only one mail which looks like the following:

*       Queue: management -> tech.dns
      Subject: eherherh
*       Owner: Nobody -> ch
*      Status: new -> stalled
   Requestors: ch at ma.test.intern
  Ticket <URL: http://rt.test.intern/rt/Ticket/Display.html?id=23 >

foooo baaar blah blah blah

Any ideas?



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