[rt-users] RT 3.3.10 now available. First official "beta" version of RT 3.4

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Oct 27 18:20:01 EDT 2004

It gives me great pleasure to announce RT 3.3.10. This is the first  
official "beta" release of what will become RT 3.4.0 in the near  

RT 3.4 features numerous small improvements to RT, as well as several  
big changes.  The biggest change you're likely to notice is a rewritten  
custom fields system.

RT's custom fields can now apply to sets of queues, rather than the  
"All or nothing" approach in previous releases of RT.

Additionally, RT now has support for per-transaction custom fields, as  
well as site-wide custom fields on users and groups.

But wait, there's more!

RT now comes with support for "freetext" custom fields, where you can  
enter large blocks of text, file-upload custom fields where you can  
stash attachments of any sort and image custom fields whose values will  
be displayed within RT.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be putting together full release notes for  
RT 3.4 and releasing additional beta versions as you report issues to  

Issues that are fixed for RT 3.2.x will, of course, continue to flow  
downstream into the RT 3.3/3.4 series.

To see the things that we're currently tracking for 3.4, check out:


You can download RT 3.3.10 from:

	cabd4f55dd464b483ba4e7465fa5e0bd  rt-3.3.10.tar.gz

	3ca7d22ff945f4e732395b15bfa5dc49  rt-3.3.10.tar.gz.sig


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