[rt-users] Installing RT 3.2.2 on SuSE 8.1

Michael Gillis GILLISME at gov.ns.ca
Thu Oct 28 13:44:58 EDT 2004


I'm new to RT so please bear with any stupid questions I may have :)

I am trying to install RT version 3.2.2 onto a SuSE machine (SuSE
version 8.1, mysql version 4.0.21) and I am running into quite a few
dependency issues. 

First off there is perl. RT 3.2.2 wants Perl  5.8.3, but if I try to
update Perl (currently v 5.8.0) on the SuSE box I am going to break
Apache (v 1.3.26) and Mod_Perl (v 1.27). If I have to update Apache that
means a bunch of additional configuration, etc. There are a number of
other dependency clashes as well, things missing or at too low version

So, my short question would be does anyone have any experience in
getting a recent version of RT running on SuSE 8.1? Assistence in
getting this install working would be appreciated. Alternatively, what
would be the most recent version of RT that would most easily install on
SuSE 8.1?



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