[rt-users] Installing RT 3.2.2 on SuSE 8.1

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Fri Oct 29 19:00:59 EDT 2004

Michael Gillis wrote:

>I'm new to RT so please bear with any stupid questions I may have :)
>I am trying to install RT version 3.2.2 onto a SuSE machine (SuSE
>version 8.1, mysql version 4.0.21) and I am running into quite a few
>dependency issues. 
>First off there is perl. RT 3.2.2 wants Perl  5.8.3, but if I try to
>update Perl (currently v 5.8.0) on the SuSE box I am going to break
>Apache (v 1.3.26) and Mod_Perl (v 1.27). If I have to update Apache that
>means a bunch of additional configuration, etc. There are a number of
>other dependency clashes as well, things missing or at too low version
>So, my short question would be does anyone have any experience in
>getting a recent version of RT running on SuSE 8.1? Assistence in
>getting this install working would be appreciated. Alternatively, what
>would be the most recent version of RT that would most easily install on
>SuSE 8.1?

I think I tried it back with 2.0.11 or so - it basically involved 
compiling everything (bar mysql and the kernel) myself.
After that, I figured I could just install it on FreeBSD, where at least 
compiling is made easy.

Also note that currently SuSE 8.1 is the oldest "supported" desktop-OS 
from SuSE and with the release of 9.2 next week will probably move to 
the "unsupported" state pretty soon.
Also, I found SuSE 8.1 to be very slow (compared to later versions, and 

The FreeBSD-port of rt is very good - it even found a missing dependency 
that testdeps somehow hadn't  mentioned to me. ;-)


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