[rt-users] Installing QueueChange scrip

Ray Walters ray.walters at kiffanalytical.com
Wed Sep 1 10:49:39 EDT 2004

   I am not familiar with RT 2.x, but I did find something that you 
might find useful:



Susan McConnell wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to RT, sorry if this a simple question but I've been searching
> the documentation, wiki and mail archive without luck. I want to install
> the OnQueueChange scrip, but I'm not sure how. I copied insert_condition.pl
> and QueueChange.pm (from
> /pub/rt/contrib/2.0/rt-addons/ScripConditions/OnQueueChange) to
> $RT/local/lib/RT/Action, and then defined a scrip as follows:
> Condition: On Queue Change
> Action: Notify AdminCcs
> Template: Global template: Admin Correspondence
> Stage: TransactionCreate
> That seems to send a mail as I would expect, except that the content of the
> mail is the URL for the ticket followed by "This transaction appears to
> have no content".
> I've probably done something silly, but if anyone can help that would be
> great. If there is some documentation I should have read please point me at
> it.
> Thank you
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